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Snapfon ezTWO Mobile Phone

Snapfon ezTWO Mobile Phone For Seniors [Courtesy of SeniorTech]
The Snapfon ezTWO mobile phone for seniors works as advertised. It is modest on features and functions but big on simplicity and ease of use. [MORE...]

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Snapfon ezTWO
Cell Phone

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ez ONE-c

Hardware Secrets:
Snapfon ez ONE
Cell Phone

ezTWO Racks Up More Points For Simplicity

When your first mobile phone release is a hit, what do you do for an encore? How about creating a Snapfon ezTWO, the second in a series of cell phones for seniors by SeniorTech.

In the tradition of its predecessor, the Snapfon ezTWO has simply kicked it up a few notches - with a more attractive physical design, a much bigger screen, a better keypad and the addition of a phone camera and Bluetooth capabilities.

Snapfon ezTWO Mobile Phone For Seniors
Snapfon ezTWO
Mobile Phone
For Seniors

With the exception of the FM radio, the ezTWO retains key features that have made the Snapfon a great choice for the elderly. They include big buttons, enhanced volume, a panic button, a speaking keypad and a flashlight.

The Snapfon ezTWO has a significantly updated look and feel. Overall it is slightly longer and wider than the older Snapfon but weighs about the same. It actually has a smartphone-like look. Widthwise, the ezTWO is about the same as the iPhone 5 but just a bit shorter in length.

The improved display screen on the Snapfon ezTWO is about the same size as on a BlackBerry Curve 8530 and is far more than twice the size on the original Snapfon. This makes for a much better user experience in using the newer Snapfon's phone calling function and basic text messaging.

The more intuitive keypad on the ezTWO is well complemented by the optional audio feature that announces each key as it is pressed. The boldly labeled big buttons are also complemented by the easy-to-read large font sizes used on the screen display. Add the amplified but adjustable sound level that makes this phone as loud or as soft as you like and you have a friendly phone for senior citizens who may need assistance with their hearing.

Snapfon ezTWO Panic Button
Snapfon ezTWO
Mobile Phone
With SOS Button

In case of emergency, the Snapfon's panic button can be helpful to the user as well as family and friends. The panic button can be programmed to repeatedly call and text up to four predefined emergency numbers until someone responds. The phone automatically goes into handsfree speakerphone mode when the SOS panic button is activated. The siren is optional.

A new feature of the Snapfon is the camera - a very basic one. It captures color images and even has a self-timer, but lacks the capability for easily sending photos to someone else.

Another updated feature of the ezTWO is the battery charger-adaptor which uses the universal-style design consisting of a USB cable and an electrical outlet plug; this gives you more flexibility in options for recharging the phone's battery - which gets three to five hours of talk time and standyby time of four to seven days, according to manufacturer SeniorTech.

Being an unlocked, quad-band phone the ezTWO works with U.S. carriers as well as several foreign GSM phone systems. Just get a SIM card.

Based on hands-on review by Trends In Cell Phones, the Snapfon ezTWO performed as advertised. It is not an iPhone - just a phone for seniors - by design. Its ease of use and simplicity should please most seniors.

You will not even need to debate which color to get; the ezTWO mobile phone comes in only one color. Consider getting one of the readily available phone cases for the Snapfon because you might find the phone's back casing to be somewhat slippery.

Snapfon eZ ONE Phone | Snapfon Accessories

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