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Cell Phone Texting

Phone Texting Teen
Cell phone texting is getting to be second nature. Arguably one of the most used cell phone functions, texting drives a vast number of mobile apps. But its popularity is also calling into question issues such as privacy and distracted driving, concerns that are inspiring some creative solutions. [MORE...]

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eTextPrep Takes The Sting Out Of Studying
eTextPrep [PRNewsFoto/eTextPrep]
What is there not to like about cell phone texting? Teens love it. But change the subject to studying and you have a whole different question. Now a text messaging company thinks it has the answer with eTextPrep, a new educational vocabulary and test prep service.

Smartly capitalizing on a teen's favorite activity, eTextPrep uses mobile phone text messaging to teach.

"Students receive two to three text messages per day that contain essential SAT/ACT, AP or Middle School Challenge vocabulary words, their definitions and parts of speech," said Lynne Anderson, founder and CEO of eTextPrep. "Students simply open, look and learn. It's mobile. It works."

Benefits Of Cell Phones | Teens And Cell Phones

Phones With QWERTY Texting Keyboard

TigerText: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Cell Phone With Group Text App
Move over James Bond, there's a new secret agent in town, complete with self-destructing messages.

Look out for TigerText, a trendsetting mobile application that allows users to send text messages that self-delete from both the sender's and receiver's phone after a set period of time.

Designed to address growing concerns over privacy, TigerText lets you control what happens to your text message long after you hit the send button.

Once a sender selects the text lifespan, expired texts not only disappear from the phones, but are not stored on any server, according to the TigerText company. They cannot be retrieved once expired and they are not legally discoverable; it is as if the messages never existed.

TigerText - Apple | Android | Windows

LG Promotes Text Education
Actress Jane Lynch [PRNewsFoto/LG Phones]
An educational campaign for parents, the LG Text Ed program addresses teen mobile phone misuse, and provides parents with valuable resources so they can teach responsible phone use to their children.

Award-winning actress Jane Lynch is working with phone maker LG to raise awareness about risky mobile phone behavior. Through videos, Lynch tackles issues such as cell phone texting while driving, sexting, mobile bullying, and other questionable teen behaviors.

Decoding Text Messages
LG Ally Cell Phone With Keyboard
Phone manufacturer LG runs DTXTR, an educational site for deciphering text messages.

The online tool allows parents to decode cryptic and possibly harmful text messages their kids may be using. Features include a text glossary, a Do U Know TXT Quiz, texting tips, and the DTXTR Translator, which converts your text to shorter, hip messages.

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