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Teens And
Cell Phones

Teens and cell phones tend to go together - literally hand in hand. Despite safety concerns such as phoning while driving, teens remain top drivers of trends in cell phones.

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Teens and cell phones
Parents should not be surprised if cell phones top teenagers' back-to-school shopping lists. Teens say cell phones are socially necessary.

Boost Mobile's Motorola Debut i856 Phone
Motorola W385 Phone Offers A Double Boost
Motorola W385 Cell Phone
Designed for teens, the Motorola W385 cell phone doubles as a youth fashion accessory. Bringing teens and cell phones even closer together, the sleek and feature-rich prepaid phone comes in a two-toned color combination of café brown and black slate, and sports a bright color TFT internal screen and a vertical external black-out screen. The phone is available from Boost Mobile as well as Verizon Wireless.

Virgin Mobile Courts Text-Happy Teens
What's a camera phone, text-happy, comes pre-loaded with AOL Instant Messenger, features email applications, does Web browsing, and bridges the gap between man and mime?

Smart Tips On Cell Phone Safety For Teens
Courtesy of Virgin Mobile USA, here are some Top 10 Tips for Teen Cell Phone Safety. These tips work for adults also.

HALO Alerts Teen's Parent By Cell
An innovative GPS device could help parents monitor and alter teen driving behavior from a cell phone or computer. HALO by EarthSearch Communications was piloted as an option to Mazda vehicles at select Atlanta dealerships. The device alerts a parent by cell phone if their child exceeds a set speed or perimeter.

Smartphones Convey Status To Teens
Cell Phone Texting
Walkie Talkie Cell Phones
Teens View Cell Phones As Essential
Teens: Cell Phone's A Social Necessity
Boys Do More Text Messaging
Wireless Teen Majority Emerging
Pink Cell Phones
Cell Phones For Women
Shorthand For Text Messages
Cell Phones For Children
Cell Phones Are For School Work Too
Prepaid Cell Phone Plans
Keyboard Cell Phones
Cell Phone: "Extension Of Me"


Trends In Cell Phones

Virgin Mobile Courts Teens With Switch-Back And Strobe Phones

Virgin Mobile's Switch_Back Cell Phone By Kyocera. [Photo: Courtesy of PRNewswire]
Virgin Mobile Switch-Back
Phone By Kyocera Wireless

What's a camera phone, text-happy, comes pre-loaded with AOL Instant Messenger, features email applications, does Web browsing, and bridges the gap between man and mime?

Virgin Mobile calls it the Switch_Back handset by Kyocera Wireless. Combining eye-catching design, advanced technology and affordability for teens on the go, Switch-Back has two color displays - one is for voice calls and the other is a widescreen with a QWERTY keypad.

Other features include an integrated speakerphone, superphonic real-music ringtones, plus scheduler, calculator, alarm and stopwatch tools.

Teens can opt for the Virgin Mobile Switch-Back as a prepaid cell phone.

Kyocera's Strobe cell phone is the upgrade to the Switch_Back. Both hidden-keyboard phones have identical features except for the addition of Bluetooth wireless technology to the Strobe K612B model.

For Teens: Smart Tips About Cell Phone Safety

Courtesy of Virgin Mobile USA, here are some Top 10 Tips for Teen Cell Phone Safety:

Don't have Cricket?

  • Pre-program key contact numbers for parents or other responsible adults into your cell phone, both for home and work.
  • Program a contact number listed as ICE ("in case of emergency") into your phone book, so that police and other emergency personnel know who to call if you need help.
  • Know how to use "911" for emergencies from your cell phone.
  • Use the preprogrammed keys #2-9. Usually #1 is preset to dial voicemail; #2 for 911, #3 for home, etc.
  • Don't say your phone number, name or other personally identifiable information out loud in public.
  • Avoid talking on handsets while driving. It is dangerous - and in many states, illegal. Ideally, pull over in a safe place, turn the car off, keep doors locked and then make the necessary call.
  • Use fun features on cell phones - like texting, downloading ringtones or instant messaging - in the appropriate time and place; practice cell phone etiquette, and always be aware of your surroundings while using the phone.
  • Do not use your cell phone in class at school.
  • Give your cell phone numbers only to people you know and trust, and never respond to text messages from an unknown or unrecognizable number.
  • Block suspicious or unwanted numbers from your cell phone.


Teens: Cell Phone's A Social Necessity

An IDC and SMS.ac survey of nearly 8,000 U.S. teens, ages 13 to 18 who use mobile phones, suggests that many in this age group perceive a cell phone as a social necessity - 35.9% of teens acquired their phones mainly to use text messaging while an additional 13.3% acquired them to talk with friends.

The study of teens and cell phones also indicates that cell phone usage drivers differ between teen boys and girls. Girls were more likely than boys to have purchased cell phones in order to call their family or to use in emergency situations, while boys preferred to call their friends.

Boys Do More Text Messaging

Boys are more inclined than girls to use text messaging on their cell phones. Girls, more than boys, preferred talking directly to their friends over text messaging them.

"Unlike any technology before it, cell phones have become important social catalysts for teenagers," said Dana Thorat, research manager at IDC. "While parents can be rest assured that they can reach their mobile teenagers virtually any place and any time, teens conversely perceive their phones as a means for gaining social acceptance and staying connected with friends."

Wireless Teen Majority Emerging

For those teens that do not yet have their first cell phone, IDC expects many are pestering their parents. Looking ahead, regarding teens and cell phones, an emerging wireless teen majority brings huge implications for new social behaviors among this generation.

The implications for student populations could be just as tantamount, says IDC. Current school policies that require the silencing of cell phone ringers during the school day may already be obsolete. Dexterous thumbing on a phone's keypad under a desk is all it takes for seasoned texters to conduct covert conversations with others during class.