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Practical Benefits Of Cell Phones

Benefits of Cell Phones
The real value or benefits of cell phones is in their application to everyday needs. How well do they provide solutions? Some really interesting and beneficial applications of cell phones might surprise you. [MORE...]

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T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

Solutions & Applications:
The Benefits Of
Cell Phones

Diabetes Management
Goes Wireless

Cell Phones Deliver
Health Information

Cell Phones
Go To Court

Mobile Phone As
Fitness Coach

Navigation System
On Mobile Phone

Cell Phone Solution For
Real Estate

Cell Phones And
College SAT Prep

Video Eyewear
For Cell Phones

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Cell Phone Benefits

More Trends
In Cell Phones


Wireless Alarm By Cell Phone

works with HOBO Weather Stations to provide alarm notification of weather conditions via cell phone text messaging or email.

The benefits of cell phones far outweigh the issues and challenges associated with them, given the solutions they provide for common problems or opportunities they create to enhance the quality of life.

There are cell phone solutions for children, options for seniors, applications for healthcare, accessories for motorcycle buffs and help for school work, to list a few.

And with the latest trends converging voice, video and data capabilities into increasingly miniature handsets, the solutions for infotainment simply expand the benefits of cell phones to unprecedented levels.

Cell Phone Handset Solutions
Cell Phone Services & Content Solutions
Cell Phone Accessory Solutions

Latest Cell Phones
Latest Cell Phones

If trends reflected in the latest cell phones are any indication, we have barely seen the tip of the iceberg. What's crystal clear though is that cell phones are not just for talking anymore.

Walkie Talkie Cell Phones | Pink Cell Phones
Rugged Cell Phones | Unlocked Cell Phones
Cell Phones With Keyboards | Ultra-Thin Mobiles
Cell Phones For Women | For Children | For Seniors
Cell Phones For Music

Cell Phone Services
Motorola M-Wallet Cell Phone [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto]
Cell phone services are literally exploding. The race is on to deliver more voice, video and data communication services to a captive consumer audience passionately attached to mobile phones.
Diabetes Management Goes Wireless
Cell Phones Deliver Health Information
Cell Phones Go To Court | Mobile Money
Mobile Phone Doubles As Fitness Coach
VZ Navigator Provides Driving Directions
Cell Phone Solution For Buying Real Estate
Cell Phones Are For School Work Too
Pay For Parking Using Cell Phones
TV On Mobile Phones | Coupons By Cell Phone
Audiobooks For Cell Phones
Games For Cell Phones
Napster Music For Cell Phones
Cell Phone With Apple iTunes
How To Be A Ringtone DJ

Cell Phone Accessories
Jabra BT800 Headset

Cell phone accessories have evolved from being just functional to also being fashionable. Here is some guidance to put this trend in perspective and help keep your mobile phone accessories all coordinated.

Video Eyewear For Cell Phones
Using Cell Phones With Your PC
Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset For Bikers
Cell Phone Accessories Guide

Mobile Phones Fighting Counterfeit Drugs
Some Schools Rethink Bans On Cell Phones
Mobiles Become Essential For Shopping
How Your Cell Phone Can Diagnose Disease
Mobile Phones In Healthcare
Mobile Phone Applications
Mobile Phone GPS Applications
The Latest In Cell Phones: Telesensing
Museums Find Unlikely Ally In Cell Phones
Teeny Phones For Tweety Birds
Trends In GPS


Trends In Cell Phones

Diabetes Management Goes Wireless

BodyTel Scientific is showcasing GlucoTel Meter, a blood glucose monitoring device with integrated Bluetooth technology.

Part of the GlucoTel telemedical diabetes self-management system, the GlucoTel blood glucose meter collects and sends blood sugar readings to the patient's mobile phone via Bluetooth. The data is then automatically sent to a secure Internet database via SMS for long-term access by the patient and their doctor.

"By securely transmitting and recording accurate glucose data to patients and physicians we believe we can reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes," said Stefan Schraps, CEO of BodyTel Scientific.

Cell Phones Deliver Health Information

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC
Developed jointly by Mayo Clinic and Digital Cyclone, a division of Garmin - the GPS device maker, a new software application delivers health information and tools to cell phones.

The Mayo Clinic InTouch wireless health program gives mobile phone subscribers access to first aid tips, short health news videos and health alerts.

Taking the benefits of cell phones to a new level, InTouch features a symptom checker that provides self-care guidelines or advises emergency care for common symptoms. To find a nearby health facility, just enter your zip code into your cell phone or let your GPS-enabled phone find one.

Cell Phones Go To Court

The benefits of cell phones have extended to the courtroom. As evidence from cell phones become more common in civil and criminal cases, recording or presenting evidence from the handheld devices is proving useful for law enforcement officers, forensics examiners and litigators.

They are turning to systems like the Project-a-Phone ICD-5000 for mobile phones, PDAs, and other handheld communications devices. Project-a-Phone devices are designed for live, large-screen courtroom presentations or for creating visual displays from snapshots of phone screens. [more]...

Mobile Phone Doubles As Fitness Coach

Nokia 5140i
Nokia 5140i Phone
With Fitness Coach

Add physical fitness to the benefits of cell phones - thanks to miCoach (formerly BiM Active), a suite of applications from Adidas. This mobile fitness solution is similar to one available on the Nokia 5140i cell phone.

The miCoach mobile app enables runners, cyclists, and walkers to wirelessly capture and monitor their fitness exercise activity in real-time on GPS-enabled phones, including Samsung SCH-a930 and SCH-a990, LG Chocolate (VX8500), Motorola V325, RAZR V3c and RAZR V3m. The service transforms the phone into a virtual coach and offers users feedback during their exercise through sound alerts.

When the activity is complete, the exercise information is uploaded to a personal portal, where users can chart their personal progress and share information such as routes with ratings and reviews.

VZ Navigator Provides Driving Directions

Location-based services (LBS) continue to drive the benefits of cell phones. One of the latest benefits is Verizon's VZ Navigator, a service providing turn-by-turn directions from your mobile phone.

Using global positioning system (GPS) technology, the Verizon tool offers a range of LBS options, including mapping, audible turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to find more than 14 million points of interest.

VZ Navigator allows you to see a map of your current location or an address in the U.S., locate places such as restaurants, gas stations, banks and other points-of-interest relative to your location, plus hear turn-by-turn navigation with audible voice directions to an address in the U.S.

[Related - Cell Phones As Tomorrow's Navigation Devices.]

Cell Phone Solution For Buying Real Estate

An automated real estate text messaging service showcases the benefits of cell phones. House4Cell delivers real estate property information to prospective home buyers’ cell phones instantly via text messages.

How does it work? According to Cellit, a provider of self-service mobile marketing solutions, real estate agents hang House4Cell riders from the signs of their listings, informing homebuyers of the availability of instant information.

Prospective home buyers see these signs and simply text message a short, custom code to a special House4Cell phone number. Within seconds, all of the essential property information - including price, square footage and amenities - are sent back to the buyer's phone. The agent then immediately receives the buyer's phone number for follow-up.

Cell Phones Are For School Work Too

Add one more reason why teens need cell phones - a higher college SAT score. The Princeton Review's Prep for the SAT, jointly developed with Vocel, allows students to use their cell phones to get interactive, hands-on practice, strategy and tips in much the same way they would play a game or download a ringtone.

Once downloaded, content resides in the phone, so you can access your test prep even if there's no phone signal.

This application can really enhance the benefits of cell phones because it targets a highly coveted cell phone market - teenagers.

Here's a scenario provided by Vocel: "Brandon is preparing for the new SAT. While waiting for the bus, he pulls out his phone and goes through a practice drill on geometry. At lunch, he pulls out his phone and runs through a couple of vocab drills.

"After school, Brandon's phone rings and vibrates, he opens it up and sees a practice question. He selects an answer then is given feedback and an explanation. Each day several questions are automatically sent to his phone. Brandon's parents want to see his progress, so they log onto the Web and see his results online."

[Related - Cell Phone Texting.]

Video Eyewear For Cell Phones

The Scalar Teleglass

Expanding the benefits of cell phones, new eyewear gadgets could make watching videos by cell phone a lot more attractive. Connected to a mobile phone, portable DVD player or digital camera, these devices project high-resolution video on eyeglasses, creating a virtual 28-inch TV screen as viewed from seven feet away. [more]...

Using Cell Phones With Your PC

SnapDialer: use cell phone to connect PC to the web

The benefits of cell phones can be further enhanced when the phones are put on "speaking terms" with computers.

Yes, your cell phone can work with your PC.

Many cell phone users are unaware that their mobile phones can be connected to the PC to share information like phonebooks, calendars, pictures, ringers and text messages.

Software tools, such as FutureDial Suite, allow hundreds of popular phone models to interact with the PC.

Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset For Bikers

Scala Rider

The next time your cell phone rings while you are motorcycling down the freeway, you might wish you were sporting a Scala Rider Bluetooth headset in your helmet. Created by Cardo Systems and specially designed for motorcycle helmets, the headset includes a wind-resistant microphone that provides clear audio for communicating while on a motorcycle. [more]...