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Latest Rugged Cell Phones

Brigade Rugged Cell Phone
Consider rugged cell phones if you've dropped your phone one too many times. Or if you are an outdoors person or have a very active lifestyle, these "all-terrain" phones combine durability with good looks. [MORE...]

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Rugged Phone

Rugged Mobile Phones

G'zOne Rock

Samsung Rugged
Mobile Phones

Android Rugged
Mobile Phones

Sonim XP3 Quest

Sanyo Gets Rugged

G'zOne Boulder

Rugged Motorola
Mobile Phones

G'zOne Type-S

G'zOne Type-V

Compact, Rugged
Pantech PN-218

Nokia 5140
Sporty Phone

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emporia SOLIDplus


G'zOne Brigade


Sonim XP3 Quest Rugged Unlocked Phone
The Sonim XP3 Quest rugged unlocked GSM cell phone is part of a line-up of "Built For Life" tough mobile phones designed for work or play in extreme environments and rugged conditions. The XP3 is waterproof and GPS-equipped, and comes as Sonim XP3-Black or yellow.

Sonim XP3.2 Land Rover S1 | Sonim Jcb Toughphone

Rugged Mobile Phones

Samsung Rugged Phones
Samsung Convoy Rugged Phone
Samsung rugged phones range from the Rugby phone to the Convoy phone all the way to the Xplorer phone, in addition to the Xcover series. On the hiking trail or underwater or in a sandstorm, some of these tough Samsung phones just keep on keeping on.

Rugby II | Rugby Smart | Convoy | Xplorer B2100

Android Rugged Phones
Pidion BIP-6000 Android Rugged Phone
Android rugged phones may offer the best of brains and brawn. To be Android and rugged is about as good as it gets when it comes to the latest trends in mobile phones. Increasingly, smartphones are going Android and more consumers are eyeing tougher cell phones. Here are some early trendsetters.

Motorola i1 | Pidion BIP-6000 | DEFY | Rugby Smart

Cool, Rugged G'zOne Boulder Phone
The G'zOne Boulder phone by Casio handily blends tough with cool to create one of the most desireable rugged cell phones.

G'zOne Type-V | Type-S | Rock | Commando | Ravine

G'zOne Rock Phone Gets Rolling
G'zOne Rock Rugged Phone
The Casio G'zOne Rock rugged cell phone is for people with active lifestyles. The Rock's advanced G'zGear software operates in six modes, including Earth Compass, Walking Counter, Thermometer, Astro Calendar, Sunrise Sunset and Tides, thanks to its Triple Sensor technology. If your lifestyle has the demands of an avid fisher, hunter, hiker or climber, the G'zOne Rock might be just for you.

G'zOne Type-V | Type-S | Boulder | Brigade | Ravine

Motorola Rugged Mobile Phones
Nextel i580
Motorola rugged mobile phones come in an assortment of clamshell and candy-bar designs, deliberately balancing their "all-terrain" durability function with their fashionable high-tech gadgetry.

Moto-Tundra | Adventure | DEFY | ACTV | Barrage

Sanyo Gets Rugged With SCP-7050
Sanyo SCP-7050 Rugged Cell Phone [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto]
The SCP-7050 is Sanyo's first entry into rugged cell phones that are compliant with military standard 810 F for dust, shock and vibration. It comes with GPS, Bluetooth and push-to-talk.

Sanyo Pro 700 | Pro 200 | Taho

All-Terrain G'zOne Type-S Rugged Phone
Casio G'zOne Type-S Rugged Cell Phone [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto]
For outdoor lifestyles, the G'zOne Type-S cell phone by Casio just might be what the doctor ordered against shock, dust, rain and even for underwater use. Built to multiple military standards specifications, the rugged G'zOne Type-S works with Verizon Wireless services like VZ Navigator and is available in burgundy, blue and silver.

G'zOne Type-V | Boulder | Rock | Brigade | Ravine

Compact Pantech PN-218
Packed with advanced technology, the Pantech PN-218 handset combines a stylish, compact clamshell design with a wide screen for easy viewing.

Sporty Nokia 5140 Phone
Nokia 5140i Mobile PhoneWith its Fitness Coach application, Nokia's 5140i rugged cell phone offers an 'always-on' personal trainer that encourages you to go the extra mile or finish the last set. The Fitness Coach application also enables tracking of sports performance over time or sharing of results via SMS with coaches or team mates.

Nokia 5140i | Rugged Nokia 3270 Classic Phone

10 Best Rugged Cell Phones
The Phone For Dangerous Jobs
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Motorola Rugged Phones
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Rugged Mobile Phone Collection


Trends In Cell Phones

Casio G'zOne Boulder Rugged Cell Phone

Cool, Rugged G'zOne Boulder Phone

The G'zOne Boulder phone by Casio handily blends tough with cool to create one of the most desireable rugged cell phones available.

Dropping this phone a lot should be no problem. Living up to its tough-as-a-boulder name, the Boulder phone is built to military specifications for extreme shock, water and dust environments.

There's no getting lost either because the GPS-enabled G'zOne features a flashlight and an electronic compass, and supports Verizon Wireless services like VZ Navigator for turn-by-turn directions. For staying in touch on your outdoors trek there's an always-on push-to-talk (PTT) capability.

This rugged clamshell-style phone is also a multi-format digital music player with expandable memory and Bluetooth. It comes as a black-and-silver phone, and in orange.

Compact Pantech PN-218

Packed with advanced technology, the Pantech PN-218 handset combines a stylish, compact clamshell design with a wide screen for easy viewing.

Pantech PN-218 (Alltel)
Pantech PN-218

"The PN-218 from Pantech Wireless is a great choice for people with active lifestyles - it's a flip phone that's small enough to go anywhere and tough enough to tackle almost any adventure," said Wade McGill, senior VP at Alltel Wireless.

This compact, rugged phone weighs only 3.84 ounces and features a VGA camera, built-in speakerphone, and voice-activated dialing. It has BREW 2.1, enabling users to download games and ringtones and more, and comes with RealTone Jukebox and Bop-It! by Hasbro preloaded as demos.