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What's New | Trends in Cell Phones

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What's New:
Trends In Cell Phones

What's Next In Mobiles
Now that cell phones are not just for talking anymore, this Trends in Cell Phones blog couldn't be more handy. It's all about what's new on this Web site and about keeping you connected with the latest trends in cell phones, so you can get the most mileage out of your mobile phone.

Tablet Phones Mix It Up

Dell Streak Tablet Phone [Courtesy: Amazon]
Tablet phones perhaps provide a perfect compromise between the small screen and keyboard of a cell phone and the relative bulk of a full tablet PC. Not to be outdone by iPhones or iPads, the early tablet phones offer a variety of styles, ranging from single-unit combos to dual-unit companions.

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Mobile Shopping Heats Up

Mobile Phone App [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto]
Mobile shopping is getting to be as exciting and creative as it is convenient and efficient. With more consumers reaping the benefits of shopping by cell phone, on-the-go shopping is likely in your future sooner than later.

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Creative Cell Phone Texting

Phone Texting Teen
Cell phone texting is getting to be second nature. Arguably one of the most used cell phone functions, texting drives a vast number of mobile apps. But its popularity is also calling into question issues such as privacy and distracted driving, concerns that are inspiring some creative solutions.

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Free Cell Phone Ringtones

Cell Phone Ringtones On Nokia Handset
Free ringtones have become rather popular as marketing tools and promotional giveaways, and there isn't always a catch. Mobile phone ringtones for free are just a quick and entertaining way to get the word out, musically or otherwise. Even the sound of the Vuvuzela horn is now a free ringtone.

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Mobile Money Gets Busy

Hero Phone Keypad [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto]
Cell phones have made mobile money an increasingly growing trend with upward swings in the use of mobile wallets, mobile payments, mobile donations, mobile banking and mobile coupons. See how mobile money is changing the way some financial transactions are done.

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Swivel Cell Phones

Nokia Twist Swivel Phone [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto/Verizon]
Swivel cell phones may be next after you are done flipping, sliding and tilting your mobile phone. But with only a handful of swivel phones to choose from, here are some trend starters to keep you from spinning your wheels.

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Mobile Entertainment On The Go

Fandango Mobile Ticket [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto/Fandango]
Mobile entertainment is more than just music and ringtones on cell phones. Add mobile TV, games, FM radio, streaming video and more, and you are really jamming at a whole new level.

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Cell Phones With Large Buttons

Large-button cell phones may not be just for seniors and children anymore. Simpler mobile phones are emphasizing larger keys, and some of the latest releases are visibly sleek.

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