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Latest Cell Phones

Latest Cell Phones
If trends reflected in the latest cell phones are any indication, we have barely seen the tip of the iceberg. What's crystal clear though is that cell phones are not just for talking anymore. [MORE...]

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Motorola Devour Phone


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Latest Smartphones
Blackberry 8310 Smartphone
The latest smartphones are taking cell phones beyond the next level into a wireless world limited only by our imagination. With PC-like operating systems onboard, these on-the-go smart gadgets are leading the charge towards the outer frontiers of mobile applications.

Latest Rugged Phones
Sonim Rugged Phone
Consider rugged cell phones if you've dropped your phone one too many times. Or if you are an outdoors person or have a very active lifestyle, these "all-terrain" phones combine durability with good looks.

Tablet Phones
Vizio Tablet Phone [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto/Vizio]
Tablet phones perhaps provide a perfect compromise between the small screen and keyboard of a cell phone and the relative bulk of a full tablet PC. Not to be outdone by iPhones or iPads, the early tablet phones offer a variety of styles, ranging from single-unit combos to dual-unit companions.

Keyboard Cell Phones
Wild Card Cell Phone With Keyboard [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto/Virgin Mobile]
Keyboard cell phones are getting a "thumbs up" from diehard texters and trendy consumers who browse the Internet via cell phones. One of these full QWERTY keypads is in your future.

Music Phones
ROKR Z6 Music Phone
Music phones have not only produced a mobile infotainment trend for consumers, but also created a new battleground for electronic gadget manufacturers. The Sony Ericsson Walkman was followed by the Motorola ROKR with iTunes. And now it's becoming a crowded field.

Cell Phones For Seniors
Cell Phones For Seniors
There are tremendous opportunities to really expand the benefits of cell phones for seniors. According to the AARP, people age 50 and older are as likely as younger people to have cell phones while most people age 65 and older buy them for security in an emergency.

LG Cell Phones
LG Cell Phone
Combining technology, style and features, the latest LG cell phones provide new options for upgrading your mobile experience regardless of your price range.

Latest Cell Phones By Motorola
MOTORAZR2 V9 Cell Phone
The latest cell phones by Motorola underscore the wireless industry's drive towards seamless mobility - reaching the people, things and information you need, anywhere, anytime.

Nokia Cell Phones
Nokia Cell Phones
The latest Nokia phones combine photography, video and communications as Nokia celebrates more than two billion mobile subscribers. Connecting people, information and services, by making mobile communications more affordable and accessible, still remains at the core of cell phones by Nokia.

Samsung Cell Phones
Samsung Upstage Cell Phones
The latest Samsung phones not only provide a good indication of what's new but also what's next in cell phones - large storage capacity, music-friendly capabilities and more "bells and whistles" for mobile infotainment.

Trendsetters In Mobile Phones
Blog: What's Next In Mobile Phones
Touchscreen Phones
Pink Phones
Special Edition Phones
Swivel Phones
Thin Phones
Unlocked Phones
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Trends In Cell Phones

Trendsetters In Mobile Phones

Samsung Instinct Cell Phone

Samsung Instinct Makes A Fast Sprint

Look out iPhone, there is a new phone in town - the Samsung Instinct cell phone. The cool touchscreen phone has already garnered a few awards to its name.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone - Revolutionary All-In-One Mobile Phone

The Apple iPhone integrates iPod and cell phone, creating an all-in-one device that's already a winner. Add its all-touch and no keypad interface, and you some new mobile trends in the making. The fashionable LG Prada helps make that point; so does the Samsung Instinct.

LG Prada Cell Phone

LG Prada Cell Phone Takes On The iPhone

With an advanced touch interface that completely eliminates the conventional keypad, the LG KE850 Prada cell phone combines LG technology with Prada's luxury-class design. Strikingly similar to the Apple iPhone, the new LG Prada began hitting the shelves well before the iPhone.

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What's Next In Mobile Phones

Pantech Duo Delivers Double-Keyboard Design
A new design trend could be in the making with this Pantech smartphone that should appeal to the business customer as well as consumers....

Motorola ROKR Goes Slider With The Z6 Music Phone
The music-optimized Motorola ROKR rocks again. This time it's packing a whole lot of punch in a slider phone dubbed the ROKR Z6....

Verizon Wireless Hooks Up With Samsung For A Double-Hinge Phone
For e-mail and text messaging enthusiasts, the Samsung SCH-u740 keyboard phone should be worth a flip....

Samsung Trace Phone Raises The Thin Bar To A New Level
The thin bar just got thinner with one of Samsung's latest cell phones. It's called the Trace....

Chocolate Phone - LG's Trendy Treat
With a name like Chocolate, LG's trendy multimedia phone is designed to get your attention one way or another....

Samsung A990 Camera Phone - A First In The U.S.
Setting a new picture quality standard for mobile camera phones, the Samsung SCH-a990 is available through Verizon Wireless....

LG VX8300 Does Verizon V CAST
With stereo sound, dual speakers, microSD memory card and Bluetooth technology, the LG VX8300 is part of Verizon's V CAST line-up of music-enabled phones....

Nokia N91 Nseries Phone Packs A Punch
Packed with a 4GB hard drive, 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, wireless LAN support, dedicated music keys, and easy PC synchronization via Windows Media Player, the highly acclaimed Nokia N91 rocks....

Pantech C300 On GoPhone Prepaid Cell Phone Plans
According to Cingular, the Pantech C300 prepaid cell phone is the world's smallest camera flip phone as of its release date....

LG FUSIC Cell Phone On Sprint
Life just keeps getting better with LG, thanks to the fusion of fun and music on an all-in-one mobile phone dubbed FUSIC....

Sanyo Mobile Phone Serves Up A Colorful SCP-3100 In Espresso
Sanyo SCP-3100 Mobile Phone In Espresso Color
Espresso is not just about coffee anymore. Now it's also about cell phones, following the release of a Sanyo cell phone said to be the first Espresso-colored handset in the U.S.

The Sanyo SCP-3100 camera phone features a high-quality speakerphone, SMS text messaging and a large external LCD. It supports Sprint PCS Vision for downloading images, ringtones, Music Tones, games and other applications, and also supports Sprint PCS Ready Link for walkie-talkie communication.

The SCP-3100 comes in three other trendy colors - Pure Silver, Blue Energy or Always Pink - in addition to Espresso.

Sony Ericsson K790 - Take Your Best Shot
Sony Ericsson K790 Camera Phone
The Sony Cybershot camera brand has gone mobile. Now you can take your best shot with some of the latest cell phones by Sony Ericsson.

Case in point - the K790 handset. The cell phone has a 3.2 mega-pixel camera with autofocus and flash, and a unique technology for selecting the best take from a series of photos - all from one snapshot.

With music, video, FM radio and Bluetooth, K790 looks like a sure shot.

Motorola Pink SLVR And Matching Headset Samsung t509 Phone Puts Spin On Thin
Virgin Mobile Deals A Wild Card Virgin Mobile's Kyocera Switch_Back Phone
Jitterbug - Next Cell Phone For Seniors Motorola SLVR - Second iTunes Phone
Motorola V557 Flip Phone LG Migo Phone Designed For Kids
Samsung Phone With 3GB Disk Samsung A950 Music Phone
Sony Ericsson Walkman W800 Fast-Selling Nokia 3250 Music Phone
Motorola ROKR With iTunes LG C2000 And LG C1500 Phones
Motorola i355 Designed for Rugged Use Motorola i275 Camera Phone
Sporty Nokia 5140i For Fitness Buffs Motorola i605 Out With Bluetooth
Nokia 8800-Series: Best-of-the-Best Motorola’s Latest Phones Follow RAZR
Audiovox Smartphone SMT5600 Samsung SGH-p777 Cell Phone

qtags Mobile Advertising Programs Coming To Your Cell Phone
The cell phone continues to spawn new mobile commerce and advertising programs. One of the latest programs is dubbed qtags. It lets mobile phone users request and receive promotional offers, including coupons via text messaging....

TiVo Gone Mobile Motorola's Zero-Clicks SCREEN3
MobileBday.com Has Birthday Reminder CSI: NY Features "Talk" Ringtone
Napster Downloads Music To Phones How To Be A Ringtone DJ
Nokia 20Lives Game U.S. Cellular En Espanol
Wimbledon Cell Phone Game MyCaller Plays Ringback Tones
Nextel's Push Email for Phones Golf Club 3D Joins Game Plays
Amber Alerts on U.S. Cell Phones Mobile AIM for U.S. Cellular Customers
mKids Study Spotlights Teens And Tweens Nokia Mobile TV Service

Let The Free Mobile Games Begin
Thanks to the ad-supported mobile games program by Greystripe, you'll likely be playing more free games on your cell phone....

Ringtone - According To Webster
Ringtone is one of nearly 100 new words to make the 2006 update of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition....

Mobile Phones Poised To Overtake PCs
Mobile phones could soon rival the PC as the dominant Internet platform in some markets, according to a new study by global market research firm Ipsos Insight....

Unlocked Cell Phones Rugged Cell Phones
Latest Pink Phones Video Ringtones On The Rise
Big Cell Phone Trends For 2006 Thumbs Up For Mobile Browsing
Cell Phones Top Teens School List? Minding Your Cell Phone Manners?
Japan Indicates Future Wireless Trends Mobile Users Prefer Musical Ringtones
Men Lead in Cell Phone Usage Americans "Wild About Wireless"
Sports Stars Light Up Phones Marketing Cell Phones As Navigation Devices
Biodegradable Cell Phone Cases Lukewarm On Multimedia Handsets
Travelers Want More By Cell Phone U.S. Teens and Tweens with Cell Phones

More Latest Cell Phones & Trends

Packed with digital cameras, MP3 players, radio-TV programming, and video recorders, the latest cell phones are delivering the telecom industry's long-sought convergence of voice, video and data communications.

To be sure, this is uncharted territory and there are challenges. Issues range from radiation safety to concerns over driving while phoning.

And as more PC and Internet functions show up on the latest cell phones, so do the attendant issues such as data security, privacy and age-appropriate content. But the latest cell phones just keep on ringing and making headlines.

Nokia Phone
Nokia Mobile TV Service

Nokia conducted a pilot project in Finland enabling cell phone users to watch television broadcasts on their handsets. [more]...

[See TV On Mobile Phones.]

Nearly Half of U.S. Teens and Tweens Have Cell Phones

NOP World Technology's mKids Study reveals that cell phone ownership has topped 16 million among teens and tweens nationwide, with almost half (44%) of 10-18 year olds in the U.S. owning a cell phone. [more]...