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Motorola Rugged Mobile Phones

Motorola i580 Rugged Cell Phone
Motorola rugged mobile phones come in an assortment of clamshell and candy-bar designs, deliberately balancing all-terrain durability with fashionable high-tech gadgetry. [MORE...]

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Rugged Phone

Motorola Rugged
Cell Phones

Moto Tundra


Nextel i335
By Motorola

Motorola ACTV

Motorola i580
Ready To Rumble

Motorola i355

Motorola i605

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Rugged Mobile Phones

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Motorola Rugged Mobile Phones

Tundra - Motorola Rugged Phone
Motorola Tundra Rugged Cell Phone
Motorola Tundra VA76r is one of the latest Motorola rugged mobile phones. The 3G clamshell device is designed to withstand harsh environments. It meets U.S. 810F Military Specifications for drop, dust, vibration, humidity, severe temperatures and rain.

Suitable for those who need a durable mobile phone, including teenagers, outdoor enthusiasts and contractors, Tundra combines call sound quality, optional workforce management tools, navigation capabilities, Web access and push-to-talk service.

"On the surface, Tundra looks like a nearly indestructible phone for contractors, landscapers and other tough work environments," said Jeff Bradley, senior VP of Devices for AT&T Mobility. "But it's also an attractive phone for a wide variety of consumers who are rough on their phones. Tundra answers that call."

Adventure - Rugged Motorola Mobile Phone
Adventure V750 Rugged Phone
The Motorola Adventure V750 meets military specifications for extreme conditions including shock, vibration, dust, solar radiation, high-temperature storage, high and low temperature operation, and altitude.

With push-to-talk capabilities, and internal and external displays, you can easily see which friends and colleagues are available and speak to them instantly. The no-slip surface and speaker make the V750 phone tough and functional enough for a day on the job site, an afternoon hike or a night-out about town.

Nextel i335 Rugged Phone By Motorola
Nextel i335 Rugged Phone
The Nextel i335 is a dust- and shock-resistant Motorola rugged phone in a candy-bar design.

Like most other Motorola rugged mobile phones, the i335 includes walkie-talkie features as well as Bluetooth and GPS.

This rugged phone provides voice-activated dialing and has a color display. It does not include a camera.

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Rain-Resistant Motorola i580
Nextel i580
Perhaps one of the most complete ruggedized phones yet, the Motorola i580 walkie-talkie phone for Nextel's Network is an iDEN rugged phone with embedded camera, clam-style design and Bluetooth wireless technology.

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Rugged Motorola i355 Phone
Motorola i355Resistance to dust, blowing rain and vibration, and a rubber overmold for protection against extreme conditions are some of the design specifications for one of Motorola's most popular rugged cell phones - the i355. This rugged phone allows the user to communicate in five distinct modes. [more]...

Rugged Motorola i605 Phone
Motorola i605The Motorola i605 is another one of Motorola's rugged cell phones. According to Motorola, the i605 was the first rugged Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. The integrated Bluetooth technology enables wireless exchange of information between devices within a range of 10 meters or 30 feet. [more]...

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Trends In Cell Phones

Rain-Resistant Motorola i580

Perhaps one of the most complete ruggedized phones yet, the Motorola i580 walkie-talkie phone for Nextel's network is an iDEN rugged phone with embedded camera, clam-style design and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Nextel i580

Built to military specification 810 F for rain resistance, as well as for dust, shock and vibration, the phone's durable design and easy-grip rubber exterior should withstand less than optimal treatment or the most demanding outdoor activities for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Said Danny Bowman, vice president of product marketing for Sprint: "With first-in-its-class features like an embedded camera, Bluetooth wireless technology and military-level rain resistance, the i580 is the total package."

The Motorola i580 provides Sprint's Nextel push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities, allowing for instant one-on-one, group and off-network communication with the touch of a button.

Major League Baseball's first wireless bullpen communication system at historic Wrigley Field features the Motorola i580 rugged phone. Motorola developed the MOTOTALK system in cooperation with the Chicago Cubs, enabling team managers and coaches to make secure, private wireless calls to, or from, the bullpen.