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Trendy Samsung Phones

Galaxy Note Tablet Phone [Courtesy: Samsung]
The latest Samsung phones not only provide a good indication of what's new but also what's next in cell phones - large storage capacity, music-friendly capabilities and more "bells and whistles" for mobile infotainment. [MORE...]

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Samsung Instinct Mobile Phone

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Samsung Phones
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Samsung Phones

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Rugged Samsung Phones
Samsung SLM
Music-Centric Juke
Samsung Blast
Beyonce B'Phone
Dual Hinge Cell Phone
Compact Trace Phone
Ultra-Thin t509 Phone
Samsung SPH-V7900
Samsung SCH-A950
A990 Camera Phone
Eco-Friendly Intensity II
Samsung Solstice
Samsung Omnia II


Samsung Intensity II Cell Phone [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto/Verizon Wireless]

t509 Phone


Cell Phone


Latest Samsung Phones Showcase Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy S III Mobile Phone [Photo: BusinessWire/Samsung]
Galaxy S III

Dubbed by Samsung Mobile as the next big thing, the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone is the latest in a series of Samsung cell phones to hit the market.

For starters, the Galaxy S III emphasizes content sharing over content consumption and is said to be the first phone to be simultaneously released through all major U.S. mobile carriers - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular.

Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet Phone

Unlocked Samsung Phones

Samsung Instinct Mobile Phone
Samsung Instinct Cell Phone

Look out iPhone, there is another phone in town - the Samsung Instinct cell phone. The cool touchscreen phone has already garnered a few awards to its name. Samsung Instinct is a fast, sleek, customizable cell phone with one-touch access to heavily used features.

More | Review | Instinct - Black | Cobalt

Samsung Alias Cell Phone With Keyboard
Samsung Alias Cell Phone With Keyboard [Courtesy: PRNewsFoto]
Featuring a full QWERTY keyboard for email and text messaging, the cool Samsung Alias SCH-u740 flip phone sports a unique handset design with a dual hinge. Looking for more? Take a look at the newer Alias 2.

Samsung Katalyst | Gravity | Propel | Rant

Samsung Jitterbug For Seniors
The Jitterbug cell phone for seniors targets older consumers who might prefer a simpler mobile phone with larger buttons, easy-to-read text, a comfortable shape and better sound quality.

More | Samsung Jitterbug Reviews | Jitterbug Plus

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Samsung SGH-P777 Review
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Trends In Cell Phones

Samsung SLM Cell Phone
Samsung SLM
Cell Phone

Samsung SLM Does Napster Music

When savvy style meets sophistication, it's got to be the real deal - as in Samsung's latest cell phone. With no vowels required, the Samsung SLM "speaks" Napster right out of the box - the first phone to support Napster Mobile music downloaded directly to your cell phone.

Sporting a rotating two-megapixel camera, MP3 player player, video recorder and stereo Bluetooth capabilities, this 3G phone is built for high-speed downloads.

Music-Centric Samsung Juke

Samsung Juke Cell Phone

With a name like Juke, this Samsung phone is all about music. At first glance it looks just like a stick-style MP3 player, until you swivel open the front cover to reveal the cell phone portion of the Juke.

With camera, Bluetooth, GPS and able to store about 500 CD-quality songs, Juke is still compact - slightly taller than a deck of playing cards. It comes in red, navy blue and teal.

Samsung Phone Offers A Cool Blast

A slider-style phone with a hidden QWERTY keypad is one of Samsung's trendy cell phones, and it's called Blast or the SGH-t729. The crimson and black phone is a T-Mobile exclusive with direct access to personal e-mail, including AOL email, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. With Samsung Blast SGH-t729, subscribers of T-Mobile's myFaves can send an audio postcard - a voice message accompanying a photo.

Samsung Upstage Cell Phone
Samsung Upstage
Unlocked Phone

Limited Edition Beyonce B'Phone
Limited Edition
Samsung B'Phone

Samsung UpStage Phone Does A Double-Take

It's a phone on one side. Turn it over and it's an MP3 player. That's the revolutionary design of Upstage, one of Samsung's latest cell phones. Features of the Upstage phone - also known as the Samsung M620 - include dual LCD screens, touch-sensitive navigation keypad, plus dedicated keys for the music and voice interfaces.

Available from Sprint, Upstage add-on features include Bluetooth Caller ID, a MicroSD card slot and a 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder.

Upstage also comes in red and black color models, in addition to a special Limited Edition Beyonce B'Phone version.

Samsung SCH-u740 Cell Phone
Samsung Cell Phone

Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Hinge Phone

Featuring a full QWERTY keyboard for email and text messaging, the Samsung SCH-u740 flip phone sports a unique handset design with a dual hinge. Available in a stylish metallic champagne color, the SCH-u740 opens horizontally to reveal the keyboard.

Flip it vertically and the thin clamshell phone becomes camera-ready. It comes with Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, extensive voice commands, and the ability to access Verizon Wireless' multimedia services, including V CAST Music and Video.

Samsung SGH-t519 Trace Phone

Samsung's Thin Trace Phone

Teaming up with T-Mobile, Samsung has produced its slimest bar phone yet - the t519 Trace. This quad-band addition to Samsung phones combines style with substance - all packed into its 0.33-inch thin size. The champagne color phone has a wide-screen display - great for videos and photos. [more]...

Samsung A990 Camera Phone - A First

Samsung a990 Cell Phone
Samsung SCH-A990

With the launch of the SCH-a990 available through Verizon Wireless, Samsung set a new picture quality standard for mobile camera phones.

The first 3.2 megapixel digital camera phone in the U.S., the Samsung a990 Phone shoots high-resolution photos with similar print-quality as a standalone digital camera, according to Samsung and Verizon.

Its innovative design allows a phone-to-camera transformation by rotating the screen 180 degrees. Features include video recording and wireless picture printing via Bluetooth.

The SCH-a990 supports Verizon's V CAST and VZ Navigator.

Samsung Ultra-Thin t509 Cell Phone

Samsung t509 Cell Phone

It's so thin that it fits easily in the coin pocket of a purse or pair of jeans. Yet the eye-catching Samsung t509 comes packed with premium multimedia features. To be exact, it is 9.8 mm slim. Thin is definitely in.

"The Samsung t509 brilliantly redefines what many consumers expect from the 'candy bar' form factor," said John Clelland, senior vice president, Marketing, T-Mobile USA. "It's a lightweight, ultra-thin, high-style phone with a compelling feature set that will excite T-Mobile customers and make it the newest must-have device on the market."

Best-In-Show Samsung Phone
Named "Best in Show" for the Wireless Emerging Technologies Award at CTIA WIRELESS 2006, the t509 sports a 1.9-inch display for advanced multimedia features including messaging and snapping vivid color images with the integrated camera.

This Samsung phone also features high-speed EDGE connectivity and Bluetooth wireless technology, for recording and sharing videos, and for downloading T-Mobile's latest content - from ringtones and CallerTunes to games, graphics and more.

For a deep plum color, check out the t509s, which upgrades the award-winning t509. The t509s thin bar phone features a VGA camera with video capture and advanced messaging. With high-speed EDGE and Bluetooth, users can record and share videos.

Other Samsung T-Series Phones
The t509 joins it's slim predecessor, the sleek black t809 slider - another one of Samsung phones measuring less than 15 mm in width. Other t-series Samsung phones include the t629 - a slim slider phone, and the t619 - a flip phone. Both T-Mobile Samsung phones feature multimedia capabilities, including a 1.3 megapixel camera with zoom, an MP3 player and messaging, plus Bluetooth.

Samsung SPH-V7900 Phone

Sporting a 3GB hard disk, the Samsung SPH-v7900 is the first mobile phone equipped with that much embedded storage.

Samsung SPH-V7900 Cell Phone With 3GB Hard Drive

The v7900 allows users to store two or three full-length movies (at 1.1-5GB each) or more than 700 music files (at 4MB each).

"The major increase in memory will position the mobile phone as a key multimedia product that enables users to watch movies and listen to music," said Kitae Lee, president of the Samsung Electronics Telecommunication Network Business.

This premium mobile phone comes with harmonic color, a feature that converts all musical elements such as scale, octave, tone and volume into visual images in a variety of colors and patterns. It also includes a 2 megapixel camera with 2x optical zoom, MP3 player, and document viewer functions.

Samsung SCH-a950 Music Phone

Samsung SCH-A950 Music Phone

One of the latest Samsung phones is the SCH-a950. With a play key on the front to activate the phone's MP3 music player, the physical design of the a950 keeps it in line with the traditional sleek look of Samsung phones. [more]...

Samsung p777 Camera Phone

Samsung SGH-P777 Camera Phone

Described by Samsung as "a feature-packed virtuoso," the Samsung p777 is the first of Samsung phones in a new line of high-speed, high-bandwidth multimedia phones. It's the first cell phone with a 7-megapixel digital camera and also has a 3x optical zoom lens. [more]...